Attorney’s Fees

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December 12, 2019
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December 13, 2019

Attorney’s Fees

During a dissolution of marriage process, the separation of one household into two households can automatically increase the financial needs of routine monthly expenses that each person will bear. In addition to these increased financial obligations that can arise from the dissolution of a marriage, parties must also be aware of the fees and costs associated with their case.

During a proceeding for dissolution of marriage, a court is authorized by statute to order one party to pay a reasonable amount of the other party’s attorney’s fees. In reviewing a party’s request for attorney’s fees from the other, the court will consider the financial resources of both parties, but will not consider who filed the petition for dissolution of marriage or any alleged fault on the part of either party during the marriage.

The attorneys at Sparks Integrative Family Law understand the financial realities of our clients and their families. We encourage our clients to explore avenues of resolution that are less financially and emotionally costly than traditional courtroom litigation, such as mediation and settlement negotiation. However, if litigation is necessary in your case, we explore with our clients all of the available options and the financial and emotional costs associated with each option.

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