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Child Custody
December 13, 2019
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December 13, 2019

Child Support

Financial support of minor children is an integral part of any child custody proceeding or dissolution of marriage that involves a child. Both parents are required to provide for their minor children in accordance with the parents’ joint and respective gross incomes and their parenting schedule. Typically, the more affluent parent will provide a specific sum of money each month to the other parent towards the child's food, clothing, and shelter. Medical expenses and work-related child care are also allocated between the parents. Child support payments are paid until the child turns 18 or longer if he or she is still in high school.

How is child support calculated?

Kentucky family courts determine child support based on the statutory child support guidelines and other formula factors. These factors can include each parent's income, the amount of time the child spends with each parent, and the costs of health insurance and work-related child care.

How will child support be determined in my case?

Child support agreements can be worked out without going to court. However, if parties are simply unable to reach an agreement, they will need to go to court where a ruling will be made on the amount of child support to be awarded. This is most often calculated based on a set formula, but certain financial information as well as child custody can affect the amount and whether you qualify to pay or receive support in the first place.

Can child support be modified?

Once child support is determined, it can be modified if there is a material change in circumstances that would cause a 15% increase or decrease in the amount of support paid. It is also important for the party receiving child support to make sure it is paid in the full amount and on a timely basis. If you are not receiving the child support that was agreed upon or that you have been awarded by a court, it may be in your best interest to enforce the child support order in court. If you are interested in learning more about your rights and what legal options you have regarding the child support you are paying or receiving, contact Sparks Integrative Family Law for more information.

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